10 June 2017

The Nanjing International Woodcraft Club opens its doors in Pukou

Introductory classes offered by the Nanjing International Woodcraft Club in 2017

The following beginners' classes follow a two day lesson format. Lessons A1- A6 introduce novices to handtool usage, layout, and preindustrial design techniques. These basic and essential lessons allow each student to steadily improve at her own pace while practicing the effectiveness of handtool methods and broadening his understanding of wood as a sustainable construction material.
Woodshop and benches

Lessons A1 and A2 (taken in order) are mandatory courses. After their completion students may choose A3-A6 in any order as suits their interests, and classroom availability.

Lesson A1
synopsis: Two simple projects are studied in conjunction with learning about a kit of basic handtools: their names and functions, and most importantly edge sharpening methods.

Sharpening station

Wooden trivet

Lesson A2
synopsis: complementary followup to A1, this lesson continues the focus on foundational handtool skills and methods along with a productive yet simple decorative technique.


Lesson A3
synopsis:The class introduces staked furnituremaking. A shaving bench and green woodworking techniques are employed.
Staked joinery
Historic pigment
Even bankers can learn woodworking!

Lesson A4
synopsis: The layout, cutting, and discussion of application of two widely applicable woodworking joints in order to produce a 3 board bookstand.
Sliding dovetail


Lesson A5
synopsis: The iconic dovetail joint is explained in detail while completing a household project. Emphasis is on learning how to mark, cut and fit this joint accurately and speedily.
Dovetail joint

Dovetailed tissue protector

Lesson A6
synopsis:A project that employs two wedged joints for furniture construction. making and use of a handmade beading tool
Made with pride
Wedged joint

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