29 January 2016

Last classes before the year of the Monkey

Here are a selection of images from the last two classes that I led for students interested in handtool woodworking skills on January 9-1th and and the second on the 27-28th. I was ably assisted in these endeavors by my colleague,  the youthful Lao Wang.
Father/son team in the matching Maize and Blue sweaters

Lao Wang ably explaining mortising
DaHai makes an unscheduled appearance in class

the latest must-have woodworking project



They seem happy with the results
There were a few other side events, too. I was asked to demonstrate woodworking at an event to help sell very upscale apartments.
Wood needs to be made smooth, damn it!
Yes, that's real sod on the floors. The live music was pleasant enough but I never got the glass of champagne that I asked for.

Interior landscaping

Exterior landscaping
 The woodshop often gets used as a backdrop for photo and film shoots. Because it's so exotic
A day in the life of a woodbutcher

Miss Wood 1915, first runner-up!

the available color palette
There was an openhouse around Christmastime so I explained making paints after which attendees were invited to paint their own Christmas tree decorations after which some asked what they had made.
Explaining the wonders of casein to the lactose interolant

"Oh, Tannenbaum..."

student project

Hounian kuaile!

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