11 October 2017

Keeping old bones from becoming brittle Ultimately, Frisbee

Sundays I don't do woodworking; instead, I can be often found on the campus of Nanjing Normal University (Nanshida) taking advantage of infrequently maintained turf, enjoying the outdoors, and playing a sport that truly deserves a more informative name.
Protected from the sunshine
And yes, there are the rare days with blue skies above Nanjing, generally due to holiday reduction of industrial activities. The following videos were taken on October 8th.

This pickup match involved some recent graduates from a Post Office university, some returnees, and a motley band of the usual suspects. Normally we run some basic drills before engaging in some collegial competition.

As one veteran player commented: "good dump swing practice"

Not being able to reliably post video content is just another side effect of working in the Middle Kingdom.

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