07 October 2015

MidAutumn Coursework: October 1st-5th

A group of seven students used their golden week holiday to learn about some fundamentals of woodworking with handtools. My assistant and I were pleased with their focus and diligence over the 5 day course, They learned such skills as joinery layout, handsawing, mortising, paring, dimensioning with benchplanes, and sharpening. The following photos are a sampling of their efforts.
Rebate joints

Using a drawknife to whittle down waste

Fettling a sliding dovetail socket

Kolrosing on a finished candlebox

All on task

An interloping paparazza!

Surfacing with a newly tuned jackplane
Coffee flavored Kolrosing

Transferring a design with marking knife

Final day group photo


Jonas Jensen said...

That is a fine looking woodshop you have got there.
Do you teach the woodworking class in English or Mandarin?


Potomacker said...

@Jonas Jensen
I'm glad that you've found me here.
The English language is a feature of how the course is marketed. I am marketed as teaching 'western' woodworking so that lends me authenticity. I did have my first student with his own private interpreter in the last course. She was, in fact, an asset since she understood my directions better in English than her employer did in Chinese.